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But keep in mind that at this time in time many in federal are very worried about their own welfare and increasing the size and need for big government is at their finest interest. Back to the idea.

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But keep in mind that at this time with time many in authorities are very concerned about their own welfare and increasing the size and dependence on big government is at their finest interest. Back to the point. If these morons cannot be taken to heel, they should be placed out to pasture. So let’s all have a drink jointly, put a buck in the jukebox, and play my favorite Hank Williams Jr. tune “Old Behaviors”. You could actually placed into words many of my exact thoughts and concerns. The actual fact that he’s the first so-called “black” chief executive is constantly on the rattle white racists, therefore, I get a large kick out of that. This chief executive doesn’t even check with with advisors like his generals. Nobody even blinked. They can be people like George Soros who wish to form a One World Order. How right you are. People vote for the personality and their get together to that they are loyal, and other than that they don’t really have a clue in regards to what they are voting for in the election. Biscuit – I have no idea your geographical area but most locations offer a ride-along program where civilians can ride with a police officer for a change.

Let’s not disappoint Manny, so get up, get ready and meet us at my house once you can. It is hard to assume that an amendment could be patently unconstitutional, but the implementation of your amendment can be done within an unconstitutional manner. A move like this will rip the center out of our own country. Though it is currently popular to portray police as thugs who go around hurting people, the true thugs are out there on the roadways in much larger numbers performing a hell of a lot of damage. Constitutional rights like the 4th and 5th amend are summarily waived for you. The thing is that the SC has found for the feds against any constitutional concern to the Income Tax. You nailed it when you say that the federal government is using our duty dollars to impact, or extort, or coerce, All right financially force the authorities as they actually with the universities to do it the fed way. There is absolutely no way he would be interested in reading any criticism of his presidency. They already had the energy to tax from the constitution, but getting trip of apportionment provided them Carte Blanche. Once removed the feds acquired a bare check to tax anyone or anything without being constrained by apportionment.

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The value of the areas are being diminished one SC decision after another. Furthermore, the authorities get excited about a lot of the medication trafficking that continues on throughout the nation, especially in the interior cities. Yes, the March towards tyranny goes on. What areas are left for the says that are of value to the people of those states? The authorities, as a collective, haven’t any will of their own, and they’ll use their endless power against the citizens of the United States if they’re directed to do so. It really is a national disaster, and we must stop it from moving forward. Obama and his ilk have managed to politicize the FBI, IRS ect, etal. Obama performed his level best to usurp state’s rights, by increasing the capabilities of departments like the EPA and the IRS. The Supremacy Clause and the 10th Am develop a zero amount of government powers in the united states. It is essential that the forces of the police, local and talk about governments, and the federal government be significantly reduced and included before it is too later.

His concentration, in light of the recent disorders on the authorities and police activities involving black citizens, is on providing direct federal engagement into local authorities forces. If we permit the federal government to choose how our local law enforcement officials forces manages, we will have abandoned our liberty and linked the hands of those entrusted to protect us. They are in it again, because they are offering local departments money if they comply with federal government dictates. Allowing the government to determine local issues would separate our officers from the city. If this is program is not available in your area get an inexpensive scanning device that will keep an eye on law enforcement officials dispatchers directing cell phone calls to the officers working. I am of the view that if the government were given their way, all Police force departments in the country would be under federal control, and everything law enforcement officers would be National Employees.

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Seastone Inspirational Quote Series for Drug and Alcohol AbuseThis also took away revenue from the claims in order that they would be dependent on federal money, which as you talked about they totally are specially in the area of schools and today law enforcement. Therefore, it would appear that you, Old Poolman, and other people who support the Police are facing a great issue. It would appear that many Americans who support this kind of home terrorism are suffering from a form of Stockholm Syndrome. To suggest that police are medicine traders is utter nonsense. The police do not constitute the rules, as they simply follow requests off their superiors. It is the same with the police. I have seen police force brutality close up and personal. Maybe that’s the reason we’ve so many devoted party voters. Why not merely handcuff our men and women in blue and disarm them? Why would we refuse you the possibility to add one more piss poor idea to your long set of utter failures? But I am the one who made that choice. And for those miscreant cops who happen to be racist, this helps them to destroy the dark community. As far as the police are worried, the vast majority are dedicated, hard-working experts who do more good than damage.

The IRS and the inner Earnings Code are certainly applicants for rulings of unconstitutionality. For example, many now believe most VA Clinic employees are really bad people based on what we have read within the news. Since they are here to provide the citizen, then citizen review planks must have been put in place from the beginning. All I must say is that if the federal government is advocating one thing it is most likely profitable for his or her agenda. Source from the federal government wouldn’t execute a thing to boost their interactions with the city. The truth is we have so many uninformed voters, and I am sick and tired of suffering because of them. And as a result of nature of my work, I have been subjected to many such happenings across the US. The police learn how to handle incidents of their departments of authorities misconduct. When a cop is not up for the task, and is also too cowardly to exhaust all other means before using lethal force, then they need to find another job. They have to attack his guidelines and ideas somewhat than him privately.

Exec Order 13603 is not slavery per se, but Involuntary Servitude, and a taking without just settlement. I suggest you also inform them you would like to ride-along in some of the rougher elements of the city rather than in the gated areas with guards on patrol. It’s a little like selling your spirit to the devil. He’s a corporation man, and he employs the direction of the home office,exactly like his predecessors. The phrases “All Lives Matter” and “White Lives Subject” only came as a reaction to “Black Lives Matter”. It really is all a subject of too little too late. I will stay in touch! The other part just does indeed personal episodes against Trump. Excellent hub and good tips. Good Morning, Breakfastpopppers. Today is Monday, July 25, 2016. Our dear friend, Mantis Manny, is at the breakfast desk today. Once upon a time, in the 1940s, the SC began its first misinterpretation of the Interstate Commerce Clause. The Business Clause, Article I Section 8 Clause 3 of the Constitution of the United States, grants Congress the power “To regulate Commerce with foreign Countries, and among the several Expresses, and with the Indian Tribes”. The opportunity of the business power depends on the interpretation of “commerce”.